Mobile app

We ensure the development of your professional mobile applications on all platforms (iPhone, iPad, tablets, Android smartphones) from the design phase to the production start-up with a commitment of deadlines and results. 

The creation of mobile applications within FENUAPPS is based on a method adapted to the mobility that places the user experience at the center of the production cycle. The involvement of the user must be permanent during the project, from the initial design phase to the study of its behavior when using the application in production.

Drafting of specifications:

The specifications must present intuitively and consistently your mobile application project. This is an essential step in the design of a mobile application that must allow its user to be able to grasp the stakes and expectations around the project. The specification must include the following elements :

  •     Project framework: issues for society, role of stakeholders,…
  •     Constraints: technical, budgetary, time-limits.
  •     Functional requirements: Prioritization of functionalities.
  •     Besoins fonctionnels: priorisation des fonctionnalités.
  •     Scenarios: Application behavior during different actions.
  •     Graphic Requirements.


It should be noted that the price of a mobile developer can vary from single to triple. As a general rule, it is necessary to count 400 € HT of day rate. (47,500 XPF / man day)

- a simple application: between 1,000 € and 5,000 € (120,000 XPF to 600,000 XPF)

- an application with database: from 5 000 € (600 000 XPF)

To master your project, we advise you to write your specifications carefully. By writing specifying your specifications, you will avoid any unforeseen budgetary drift .

You will find more information on this site to help you determine the price of your mobile app.

For a rough estimate of your application, send us a description of your project.