Setting up a professional website requires investment from clients and directors. The drafting of the specifications is the time to lay the foundations of your site. What do you want to automate? Where will your publications appear? What features do you need? All responses must be thought out, formulated and explained. The more accurate your idea, the more quality our work is, the more satisfied you will be.

Transparency and Freedom

Once delivered, your website belongs to you 100%, you are not dependent on any provider and you are not subject to any contract. You are the sole owner of all the elements of your website (source code, graphic elements, media, back office, etc.).

Administration Area

You have complete control over the entire content of your website with a back-office administration space accessible from your browser, allowing you to keep your website up to date by adding, modifying or deleting content without No limitation in number of pages as is generally the case with many of our colleagues.

Natural reference

From the very first stages of design, we insert a module specifically dedicated to search robots in each of our productions, in order to better describe the architecturing of the pages of your site and to simplify the reading with the crawlers. Some of our customers expect to be referenced immediately, it should be noted that the volatility on the internet is very large, and that a site is actually installed after two years.

Flexible Architecture

Our websites are developed from CMS Open Source ensuring compatibility with the various browsers on the market. The generated code is clean, it is separated from the graphic by an application layer allowing a great flexibility. Do you want to change design? A few clicks are enough to give you an overview among several hundreds of themes offered free of charge and on request.

Technical Approaches

In order to make your experience more enjoyable, we take care of technical procedures such as DNS transfer, domain name, hosting, emails ... This allows you to focus on the essential elements of your project.

The costs

The price of a website depends essentially on the functionality required.

    Is there interaction with your users?
    Should design be "responsive" to mobile phones and tablets?
    Would you like to incorporate a graphic chart?
    Is one or more members of your team responsible for content?

The price is therefore based on your answers.

The price of the design is a cost to which it will be necessary to add the hosting (function of the disk capacity necessary).
Fenuapps guarantees a maintenance service ensuring the reachability of the site at all times and with a very low latency, included in its tariffs.

To get an estimate, the design of a site at the floor price is of the order of 100 000 xpf (840 euros) HT. We deliver you a reliable site, hosted on a fast server, the number of pages is in no way limited. Several users authenticated by login / password can be created (with ability to retrieve the password by email). The primary menu of the site can contain as many links as you want to your pages. The multiplicity of languages ​​is by no means a worry or a source of slowing down.

A half day is necessary for the uploading of your site, there is not the bulk of the work, but it is indeed in its parameterization and in the precise realization of its functionality that everything is played.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with an estimate without knowing your project, even with all the goodwill we want to show, so the costs vary from one project to another.

Reliability and SA

You are never alone, we are reachable by email, skype, facebook messenger, whatsapp, viber, customer requests are generally processed under 12h, often 4, and frequently immediately. Our reliability, our flexibility and our seriousness is why we are chosen. Several years of existence in the design and programming have shown us that trust and seriousness are fundamental elements in any work up to the expected expectations.